Naturally Gorgeous: An Organic Look & Feel

Do you love all things nature? Tactile organic textures, earthy colours and bringing the outside in? By designing around a natural aesthetic, paired with skilful execution, you can achieve a bespoke look, minus the ouch bottom line. Bring organic finishes into your home to create a calm, authentic, and welcoming environment where you can kick back and live large.

Choose materials that make you feel at home. Whether you love stone or wood finishes, turn your surfaces into the style star and create spaces with intent. Look to Oak&Orange’s Dream Home 6 as a showcase of how to carry off a flowing natural look that’s practical, liveable and easy to maintain. 

At home with stone

Want some inspo around our stone-look tile range? The Cosy Country Cottage is a masterclass in realising earth-inspired, relaxed luxury. To emulate real stone, variation is vital, and two of our premium stone-look ranges, Aquitaine Grigio and Reverso, will help you get this genuine ununiformed finish.

The Aquitaine range is made to mirror the organic charm of travertine or limestone, minus the maintenance. Made in Italy, these glazed porcelain tiles bring an impressive luxe feel without plucking more from your pockets. Introducing the Reverso range of Italian glazed porcelain tiles will give your space the natural splendour of vein cut travertine. The bonus? There’s no need to seal them, and they can take all the wear and tear of family life, from barbecues to impromptu ball games. 

Bathroom beauty

Coveting a cottage-style bathroom? Your best bet is to tie traditional elements in with the creature comforts of modern-day living. Use a travertine-look stone on the floor laid in a French pattern to create visual interest. Not only is it pretty, but it’s also a premium quality surface that’s both low-maintenance and lovely. 

Speccing Reverso White tiles for your bathroom floors let you lean into the natural veining found in real stone. An irregular lay pattern imitates the variability of stone to build a natural focus in your room.

Inside Out

Running stone-look tiles from inside to outside continues the organic tone and complements any exterior architectural elements.

To echo the lush natural feeling of your landscaping, our Aquitaine Grigio tiles work a treat. Lay them in a French pattern to solidify your holistic design. And don’t forget – they’re non-slip and there’s no need to stain or seal to protect them from the elements. The perfect exterior surface solution – beautiful and functional.  

Mix it up

Combining textures is a great design tool, especially when you’re using a natural palette. Tiling to half height in the bathroom with a tiled trim will help break up other textures like wood on walls for a finish that harmonises all elements.

To vary your finishes, try putting the Matt White tile with the Reverso White. The simple white tiles will create a subtle background for your stone-look floor to shine. 

Remember this general rule – when working with a natural aesthetic, white surfaces put other textures in the spotlight.

Fancy some exotic luxury at home? The La Riviera range brings a texture reminiscent of handcrafted Moroccan tiles without the large spend. These square tiles can transform your bathroom vanity spaces into inspirational backdrops. Get the look of gloss wall tiles with the added plus of durability and consistency. 

Premium alternatives

Are you a fan of the lush romance of natural and handmade products? You might have discovered that these products can be beyond your budget. At ColorTile, we’ve got tiles that tote a high-end stone look as well as handmade-look alternatives, so you can still create your dream space. Let’s work together to curate a beautiful organic aesthetic with smart selections to meet your brief.

Our design experts will guide you through the process and help transform your ideas into surface solutions that reflect your needs. Come into your local ColorTile showroom, chat through your concepts, and bring your style to life.


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Images supplied by Oak&Orange

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