How to Avoid Common Bathroom Reno Blunders

If you’re at the start of your renovation, you’re probably still in the honeymoon period. You may think you’ve got all your hammers in a row, but the more unforeseen problems that pop up, the more your budget pushes out and the overwhelm sets in. Careful planning paired with a realistic understanding of how to get from the rubble to a dream bathroom, you can save yourself from the disappointment that often comes with managing your reno. Here are four expert tips to keep your project on track and stress-free.

Verify your vision

First of all, ensure you have a clear idea of the result, then work backwards to build it. Are you engaging a professional designer or are you at the helm of your renovation with an ever-expanding Pinterest board full of bathroom inspo? Either way, understanding what you want to achieve is everything when it comes to bringing your bathroom to life. 

Forget pen and paper, there are some excellent digital tools to help you work out your aesthetics. Create a DIY mood board on Pinterest or Canva and pull all your notions together in one place. Having a central reference also makes it easier to share your vision with the people helping you execute it.   

With a distinct visual concept locked in, now is the perfect time to visit your local ColorTile showroom to talk through your options. Our expert design consultants can help you navigate opportunities and pitfalls and make savvy tile selections. Don’t struggle through decision fatigue alone. 

Be budget smart

Look, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, ideas take on a life of their own and can blow out far beyond your budget. Our design consultants will guide you so your vision doesn’t get squashed by the limitations of timing or lack of options. There’s always a work-around for a similar outcome. 

Your budget can make or break your finished space, so ensure you’re across all the dollar details. Take accurate measurements of your space, allow suitable allocations for wastage and factor in any additional labour costs. 

It all adds up, so arm yourself with knowledge; read up, ask questions and educate yourself to avoid any nasty budget ouches. Know your bottom line and stick to it so you don’t have to compromise on anything at the last minute.

Make savvy selections

There are lots of technicalities when it comes to selecting the right products for your space. Some of these might not be apparent, so again, knowledge is power. For example, if you’re keen on a natural aesthetic, knowing the difference between natural stone and stone-look may not seem like a big deal, but when you understand the disparity in terms of maintenance and expense, it can be a deal-breaker. 

Find out how to make an impact more cost-effectively. Use a simple subway tile to complement a more decorative detail. And always consider practicality in your decisions too – ensure the slip rating for your bathroom tiles is fitting and sizes allow for an accurate fall without too many cuts.

This is where expertise can keep your reno on the right path. Our design consultants are aligned with all the ins and outs of look, feel and viability. We’ll listen to your vision and work with you to select the most suitable product for each purpose.

No shortcuts

When you’re knee-deep in rubble, it might be tempting to just take the easiest, fastest solution. The most expensive option isn’t always the right one, so the best way to bridge this gap is to work with reputable, trustworthy brands and the peace of mind that comes with quality. 

Rather than sourcing second-hand joinery that may not be square or tapware you found in a second’s sale, make sure your budget accommodates suitable product warranties and quality above all. You want everything to work as it should and not get bogged down with maintenance issues. 

Your renovation resource 

Imagine reclining in your new bath with a glass of shiraz. To get there, keep your sights set on the results. With these four project aspects in mind, our ColorTile design consultants will support you, help you make smart selections to meet your brief, and guide you through the process.

Come into your local ColorTile showroom, chat through your concepts, and bring your style to life.