What are mosaic tiles?

Mosaic tiles are very small tiles, typically less than 100mm square and are most commonly known as splashback tiles due to their popularity as a finish for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. They are available in many different materials including porcelain, ceramic, glass, natural stone and others. They also come in various finishes.

Commonly sold pre-mounted on mesh or paper sheets around 300x300mm in size, these sheets can be cut down to generate a pattern when mixed with other tiles. For example a 300x300mm sheet of 50x50mm mosaics could but cut down into narrower strips and joined together end to end to create a feature in a shower wall.

Key benefits of mosaic tiles include:

  • Mosaics are used generally as feature tiles to enhance a room.
  • They can be used as splashback tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • They are bright and can add character without being over-powering.
  • They can be a bold and dynamic statement reflecting the home owner’s personality.
  • ColorTile mosaics are made from the highest quality products from around the globe.