Handy Tiling Hints

Below are our handy tiling hints specifically designed to provide you with simple tile tips and advice to make the most of your residential and commercial tile projects. If there is a question that we have not covered in this section please call one of our tile consultants on 1300 265 678 or visit one of our tile showrooms for more information!

Finishing Detail

Very often the grouting of tiles is overlooked. Highlighting the appearance of your tiles is very easy and can be achieved by applying matching coloured grout and silicone. As using silicone on all 90 degree joints is an Australian standard, an incorrect colour combination could spoil the entire look of your project. ColorTile’s latest flexible grouts and silicones are easy to use and provide superior colour consistency for a smooth, flush finish.

Epoxy Grout

Traditionally, epoxy grouts were extremely difficult to work with and therefore weren’t popular. However, ColorTile`s new easy-to-apply epoxy grout provides superior protection to nasties like mould, dirt and chemicals. Epoxy grout is the ideal solution to critical areas like showers and kitchens. It is designed to be easy to mix, apply and clean off which makes the product more appealing to tilers and DIY users.


Silicone is required for the movement of joints between tiles, such as internal corners between walls and floors, and connecting joints between tiled surfaces, bench tops, bath edges and splashbacks. Rather than plain white, ColorTile offers an extensive range of coloured silicone to match the most popular grouts and sanitary ware.

Tiling System

There are many different tiles and natural stones on the market with lots of differing properties. Before starting a tiling project, you need to consider where the tiles are going and the substrate involved. Tiling a wall in a bathroom requires a very different system compared to a tiling system for a swimming pool. Remember, waterproofing, tile adhesive, tiles, grouting and silicone are a complete tiling system, and the correct combination must be put together. At ColorTile, we can help you put together a complete system to suit your project.


Double loading porcelain tiles are very popular. Our latest range, Marmi, is available in 8 colours and 3 surface finishes. Combine polished, matte and textured surfaces to create a visually flowing look whilst ensuring the appropriate surface finish is selected for the application. Use matte finish on bathroom floors, textured on verandahs and polished in main living areas.