Can glossy tiles be used on wet floor areas?

For commercial application it is necessary that all materials comply with relevant standards (see wear resistance in the tile ratings section). Domestically, there is more scope for you, the consumer, to make up your own mind based on practical information and your own needs. However it is also wise to remember that polished porcelain or gloss glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are more slippery than natural porcelain, or a matte glazed ceramic or porcelain tile.

Below are some of the points to consider when deciding if a polished or gloss floor tile is suitable for your project:

    • Does anyone in your home require care? Moving around and showering can be more difficult and dangerous on a reflective floor.
    • How stable are you on your feet?
    • Do you wear socks or stockings when getting yourself organised in the morning?
    •  It is important to think about how you live and who will be living on the new floor, both now and into the future. This will help you make the right decision about the most appropriate tile finish for you.