Tile Slip Resistance Standards

The Australian standards for slip resistance provides a guide for the slip resistance requirements of pedestrian surface materials. It highlights a selection of products based on the wet slip resistance classifications gathered from a range of new pedestrian surface materials. View the tables below for further insight.

Source: CSIRO HB197 & Standards Australia AS/NZS 4586

The following tables are provided as a guide only.

1General Application
Table 3 recommends minimum levels of slip resistance for general applications such as entry foyers, shopping centres, fast food outlets, hospitals, swimming pools and office, shopping centre and hotel toilets.
2Public Wet Barefoot Areas
Table 4 recommends minimum slip resistance for public wet barefoot areas such as barefoot passages, shower rooms, pool surrounds, stairs leading into water and sloping pool edges.
3Commercial & Industrial Applications
Table 5 recommends minimum requirements for specific commercial and industrial applications such as hotel and kitchen restaurants, fast food kitchens, snack bars, coffee and tea kitchens, house kitchens, washing-up rooms, dining rooms, guest rooms and serving counters.
Click here to download the Australian Standards for Slip Resistance table.

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