DIY Info & Advice

ColorTile Australia has been a leader in providing tile and bathroom solutions for more than 30 years. Through our experience, we have been able to construct a list of helpful pieces of advice perfect for residential and commercial tiling projects. Below you’ll find a variety of simple tile advice tips suitable for any project.
1Learning about tiles
Different tile types explained and best tiles to use for specific areas. More details
2Tile Waterproofing
Methods and products for waterproofing. More details
3Handy hints
Regularly updated answers of your tiling project questions. More details
4Tile Cleaning Advice
Our recommendations to keep your tiles looking robust and extend their life. More details
5Top 10 Tiling Mistakes
Common mistakes to avoid when you’re Doing It Yourself. More details
6Tile Ratings
Helping you understand tile ratings such as slip resistance, shade variation and ear resistance. More details
7Tile Slip Resistance
Understanding Australian slip resistance standards. More details