Terms and Conditions

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  1. The terms and conditions of this order / invoice supersede any terms and conditions in any purchase order or document submitted by the ordering party.
  1. Please check that you have sufficient stock before fixing as no guarantee is given that additional orders of the same product will be available or will match in shade or gauge. This applies to ceramics, paving bricks, terracotta and natural products such as marble and granite as shade variation is an inherent factor in their manufacture, particularly in decorative effects.
  1. Check your order for colour, size and quality prior to being fixed as ColorTile will accept no responsibility once tiles have been fixed.
  1. ColorTile cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colour of the Products shown or obtained as sample exactly reproduces the appearance and/or colour of the physical Product supplied. Variation in shade is inherent in all kiln-fired products and Natural Stone.
  1. All ceramic tiles are subject to crazing. The degree of resistance varies from tile to tile depending on the type of product and the method of fixing. No tiles are guaranteed against crazing.
  1. All goods purchased from ColorTile are to be utilised in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. ColorTile accepts no responsibility for damage caused by the use of cleaning products or any other method that differs from those recommended by the manufacturer.
  1. ColorTile accepts no responsibility for loss or damage in transit. ColorTile must be notified within three (3) days of delivery date with regard to discrepancy.
  1. A deposit of 30% of full purchase price is required at the time of placing orders for stock items.
  1. A minimum deposit of 50% of full purchase price is required at the time of placing orders for specially ordered items.
  1. Cancellations of an order prior to delivery will incur a cancellation fee of 20%.
  1. A Lay-By will be accepted provided: a. 30% deposit of order b. Balance payable 30 days from date of order c. Cancellation fee of 20% of full purchase price will apply if any part of order is cancelled or decreased after the date of this order.
  1. Stocks held on your behalf are at your risk.
  1. “Run of Kiln” tiles or pavers mean ungraded products. “Second Quality” tiles or pavers are subject to colour variation, cracking, misshapen or chipping.
  1. Claims for credit are subject to the following conditions and the conditions overleaf or as otherwise required by law: a.Returns must be within 30 days of invoice. b.  Product must be in a saleable condition, i.e. tiles must be in unopened original cases, sheeted mosaics in complete undamaged sheets. Tiles soaked in water will not be accepted. c. Only full boxes will be accepted for return. d. Goods must be current stock and same shade and of merchantable quality. e. Any charges resulting from returned goods are for customers care. f) Return of goods must be approved by supplier or manufacturer. g.  No credits will be payable for return of “second quality” goods. h. Discontinued or specially ordered items cannot be returned.
  1. Returns which have met the conditions above are subject to a 20% handling fee.
  1. Estimate of quantities is offered as a free service to customers. ColorTile management or staff cannot be held responsible for any errors in plan measurements.
  1. Due to the Products large range of usage, it is the Purchasers duty to purchase the correct Product for the correct use. Any misuse of the Product is solely the Purchasers responsibility.
  1. On demand and if available, ColorTile will supply test reports concerning the Products performance.

Title of Goods

  1. Title of goods does not pass until goods have been paid in full.
  1. Any products that have been fixed before payment has been made / received are considered to be personally guaranteed by the purchaser of the product and by the owner of the property to which they are affixed.

PLEASE NOTE THAT TITLE OF GOODS DOES NOT PASS UNTIL SUCH GOODS HAVE BEEN PAID FOR IN FULL[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]